"Famous gardens of Europe" on Google earth: a bird's eye view

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By Saif Malik

While breathing in the fresh air of October (2009) morning, I was thinking on the possibilities to visit the world famous gardens, but how, was the most intricate question at that time. I kept on walking and thinking until a novel idea came into my mind. The idea was that I should locate at least all those famous gardens on Google earth, and see what it shows.  May be, my curiosity get some fulfillment in this way.

 I installed Google earth and started roaming around it like a bird in new airs.  It looked like a liberal kind of tourism. No cultural, financial and border limitations were to stop me from visiting any of these gardens. My curiosity was touching its higher levels and was getting fulfilled equally along with. All the masterpieces of garden world were open there in front of me and I could see them, compare them and analyze them. On the other hand, these gardens looked like some wonderful paintings drawn on the eternal canvas (face) of mother earth. It was totally amazing experience.
I really enjoyed this bird's eye view tour and learned many technical things about the landscape plans, designs and spatial patterns of each garden. Even the cultural differences seemed quite visible in all these garden designs. After all this tour, I thought it better to share this experience with garden enthusiasts around the globe by my old blog (hortist.blogspot.com).
 Today (3 August 2013) again while walking in the rain, that idea has sparkled into my mind and I’m going to share the whole experience with you here on hortist.com with fresh passions. Hope you will like and enjoy it. Besides it's also not possible to present all the gardens here at once so in this first episode, only some most famous gardens of Europe (which impressed me very much) are going to be presented here. Enjoy!

1. Versailles, France:
















 2. Villandry, France:


  3. Hetloo, The Netherlands:













 4. Keukenhof, The Netherlands:


 5. Villa lante, Italy:

 6. Boboli, Italy:






 7. Mirabell, Austria:














So guys what you say now? Did you like this virtual gardening tour through Google earth? Hope you liked and enjoyed it. Please feel free to give your feedback/comments below, I'm looking forward. 

About author: Saif Malik is a Landscape horticulturist, well equipped with lot of professional exposure and experience. Along with landscaping/gardening work, he's founder, publisher & editor-in-chief of hortist.com.
Email: saif@hortist.com; Twitter: @hortist09; Website URL: http://www.hortist.com

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