This summer has started with creation of a quite simple, natural, energy saving, space saving, easy to make, easy to install and easy to maintain air conditioner "Cold pot" by a Swiss designer Thibault Faverie. This natural air conditioned uses the power of clay and the power of evaporation to cool down temperatures in a low-tech energy-efficient fashion. In the designer's own words:

"Cold Pot is a terracotta pot inspired by natural system to gradually lower the air temperature through the process of evaporation. Based on the 'bio air-conditioning', the porous terracotta surface acts as a heat exchange; it absorbs water from the inside and sends it to the outer surface. On contact with air, the water evaporates. The change from a liquid state to a gaseous one results in the cooling of the object and consequently the inner aluminum pipe, where air circulates. It is low maintenance and requires just two liters of water."

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