Garden talk: Not a drop to drink

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By Zahra Nasir The heat is well and truly on and gardens, as always at this time of year, are crying out for water but — so are people — so what does one do? If you have planned ahead and planted with water conservation in mind, then you are ...

Aquarium warfare: Welcome to competitive sport of aquascaping at International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest

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Aquarium designers from different corners of the world come to Japan to take part in Aquarium warfare at International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest, where trees seem to reach up to the sky in a lush green rainforest and the horizon stretches away into the distance. But everything is not as ...

Garden Talk: The seeds of tomorrow

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By Zahra Nasir This being the time of year for getting to serious grips with your intended ‘winter through to spring’ flower display, let’s take a look at what you can start off from seed, what is on offer in the nurseries and how to make the most of whatever ...

Garden Talk: September showers

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By Zahra Nasir As always, when monsoon rains have graced us with their presence, gardens should be looking fresh and exceptionally green, with most varieties of plants, especially trees, shrubs and perennial climbers, having renewed themselves with some amazing spurts of new growth which, as mentioned last month, may need ...

Garden talk: It's a date

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By Zahra Nasir It is heartening that so many readers have requested information on date cultivation as, for those residents in the south of the country, this productive palm is an eminently sensible addition to any garden and should, in my humble opinion, be far more widely grown in both ...

Mind-blowing Landscape architecture by Charles Jencks

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By Saif Malik While wandering on Facebook today, I came across an amazing landscape design image. The design idea and its on-ground furnishing were totally mind-blowing. I felt myself lost in the curves of this design for some moments, and got curious to know this beautiful mind. Eventually, I came ...

Garden talk: Rain, rain go away

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By Zahra Nasir Rain can be the gardener’s friend but also, when it is extreme, a serious enemy; therefore, with the monsoons in the offing it is prudent to start off this busy month by organising to provide your plants with the protection they may very well need.

Garden talk: It's all about Nasturtiums

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By Zahra Nasir Brilliantly bright, certainly colourful and somehow happy — at least they make me smile — nasturtiums are a must for any garden, balcony and just about anywhere else it is possible to grow them. Not only do they add a blazing dash of cheer to their surroundings ...

5 Audacious & Creative Garden Design Ideas

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By Ben Inder If you have an outdoor space that you would like to turn into an art form then you are in luck! If you have good lighting and good soil then the outdoor space is one of the most malleable and customizable spaces that can be designed as ...

Garden Talk: Planting Ideas

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By Zahrah Nasir Q: I have an area of land close to Bahawalpur and want to develop it for personal agricultural use. Please give me some advice as to what I should grow there. I would ideally prefer a mix of edible and ornamental species of plants. A: Depending on ...
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