5 Audacious & Creative Garden Design Ideas

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5 Audacious & Creative Garden Design IdeasImage credit: www.landscapinggallery.info

By Ben Inder

If you have an outdoor space that you would like to turn into an art form then you are in luck! If you have good lighting and good soil then the outdoor space is one of the most malleable and customizable spaces that can be designed as if there are literally no limits at all. Today we are going to go through some creative garden ideas to get your creative juices flowing. 

1) Fairy Princess
A garden that is creative and well designed will have a general, overarching theme that dictates the kind of garden it will be at the end, and one such theme is a fairy style garden than feels like a fairy tale story. This kind of garden will have lots of wispy plants, tall hidden areas, trellises and water features to give it a misty, magical effect.

2) Water show
Another great way to use the outdoor space is in the use of water, and this does not always have to mean a pond. Water features can be fountains, waterfalls, running rivers with bridges that go over them – and this can be any size as well (not just limited to large gardens). Water features can sing, put on light shows and can come in any size and can even throw water around to a specific tempo for a wonderful, relaxing water themed garden.
3) Uber modern
Of course its not always about grass and flowers in an outdoor space, and if this is the case with you replacing the ground with wood, decking, or tiles or paving can transform the space into a modern chill out zone complete with outdoor sofas, heat lamps and plant pots. Not having grass does not limit use of water either as you can have water running up, down or around with a variety of features that can be inbuilt and running on electric power for a lovely modern outdoor effect.
4) Adventure
If you are more adventurous, then this can also be applied to a garden. Gardens can have areas that are higher and lower, and there is nothing stopping you from adding roofing, pergolas, steps and pools in the garden. Plants can be chosen for their more funky elements to make a garden a splash of shapes and colors, and in this you could mix walkways, plant displays, flowerbeds and bridges to make it come to life.

5) Serene and calm
If you like your outdoor space to be one of quiet reflection and solace, then this feeling of serenity can be expressed in a garden by creating an Eden effect. Hanging trees (such as willows for example), large ponds and hidden seating areas and pergolas can be distributed to engender feelings of quite and relaxation. Privacy can be added through the use of large bushes, or high fences that can be decorated with growing trellis plants and lighter cultured followers can be dotted around to enhance the feelings of peace.
About author: Ben has green fingers and is always using garden equipment while spending time in his garden. He loves changing the look and feel of his garden as often as possible.

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