Indoor plants by Water requirement

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By Saif Malik

As per water requirement, indoor plants can be of divided into two groups (a) Plants that need plenty of water (b) Plants that need less water.

a) Plants that need plenty of water:

  • Plants which are actively growing.
  • Plants with delicate-looking, thin leaves e.g. Angel wings (Caladium hortulanum).
  • Plants in very warm rooms, especially those near windows in summer.
  • Plants with many large leaves that clearly transpire a lot of water.
  • Plants that have filled their pot a mass of healthy roots.
  • Plants that are grown in relatively small pots e.g. African violets (Saint paulia).
  • Plants grown in dry air.
  • Plants from bogs and marshy areas e.g. Umbrella plants (Cyperus sp.).
  • Plants grown in free-draining potting mixes, including Peat-based mixtures.
  • Plants in clay pots.
  • Plants with budding leaves and flower blossoms.

b) Plants that need less water:

  • Plants which are resting and those without buds and flowers.
  • Plants with thick, leathery leaves, e.g. Rubber plants (Ficus elastica).
  • Plants grown in cooler rooms, especially in winter.
  • Plants which are succulent and therefore naturally adapted to store water for future use e.g. Cacti; they also transpire less than leafy plants.
  • Plants that have recently been repotted and whose roots have not yet penetrated all of the mixture.
  • Plants that are given a high level of humidity e.g. Ferns, and those grown in a shady position or in bottle gardens and terraria.
  • Plants grown in water-retentive potting mixtures, including soil based mixtures.
  • Plants grown in Plastic and glazed clay pots.
  • Plants that have thick, fleshy roots or water-storing sections on their roots e.g. Spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum) and Asparagus ferns (Asparagus setaceus).


Referece: "The Indoor Garden Book" by John Brookes.

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