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By Muhammed Nadeem & Dr. Atif Riaz

Urbanization has set a great stress on the environment as well as on life of the common man. He faces tones of dust and other pollutants every day. As a consequence his routine life has badly effected. Depression, heart, lungs, eyes and mental diseases are prevailing in the society due to stresses in his life caused by adulterated surroundings.

We cannot escape out from nature. Affiliation and direct contact with nature may provide a tool to decrease severity and prevalence of social mishaps and diseases. By escaping from the trap of daily routine life one could not go to the hilly areas and cannot see the down going sun along the riverside and fields.

Here I want to mention a simple and cheapest way to enjoy the wonders of nature. It is possible by capturing and bringing the nature and putting hard (Waterfalls and fountains etc) and soft (plants etc) materials into proper according to theme and objective to get functionality of our environment. Technically doing this is called “Landscaping” that also means to beautify our surroundings by using ornamental plants and other decoration materials. Gardens have remained the source of pleasure for the society as the “Gardens of Babylon” and “Mughal Gardens”. Those were alive, having a message to convey.

Now a days gardening is becoming a popular profession and hobby as well but it is not so easy to get proper objective and ultimately the functionality of the environment. The hustle and bustle in the gardens can achieved by adopting the ways mentioned below:

  • When you plan for outdoor activities and traffic patterns, related functions should be grouped together. For example, parking and entrance to the house go together. With a sketch pad, carefully plot the relationship between the indoor space -- windows and doors -- with the outdoor space -- public, private, and service. From the list of functional areas you need, designate space to accommodate each function in your landscape design picture.
  • Observe the surrounding in your neighborhood and get information about recent trends and ideas about landscape designing and gardening styles.
  • Plants having varying blooming seasons can give flowering and fragrance through the year, starting from January to December. Keeping in view flowering times we can grow those species of plants which gives flowering after one another.
  • By installing water features like waterfalls with splashing water, fountains, peaceful ponds and stony lakes. All these features in movement show resemblance with happy and peaceful life.
  • Curvy paths, beds, patterns and plantation are also the source of giving life to our gardens. Their connection with surroundings makes them the part of our lives.

  • By installing child play area and a patio (sitting place) are helpful to listen the innocent and pleasing sounds of playing children. Let them to play in the garden hence they will grow healthy and strong. Running after the butterflies to catch them and enjoying the arrangement of petals and shapes of flowers are also a source of pleasure to you. An old man sitting in the lawn and reading news paper will provide you relaxation and peace of mind and soul.

About Author: Muhammad Nadeem is Working as Assistant professor of Floriculture and landscaping. He is also running a private firm "LandMarks Landscape" dealing in landscape business in Pakistan.


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