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By Roman Potapchuk

During centuries peat was used by human for different purposes. From heating the houses, up to the animal bedding it has been bringing the profit for every user. In recent decades peat plays a great role in solving the global problems of humanity, such as luck of food, and tough environment in desert, and semi – desert countries.

Providing new technologies of planting crops, and organic agriculture, based on using peat as fertility improver and basic substrate, allow reaching new horizons in food production industry. Below you can see the development of agriculture sphere of Qatar, Oman and UAE: 

Mentioned data, shows the direct impact of peat in developing of the agriculture production. And this is one of its most important roles in global problems solution.  

Living in comfort environment is very important for every human, but the Earth is so different.  Sometimes we can experience very hard conditions. That is why many people work on this problem, constructing irrigating systems, and making amazing natural parks with the great numbers of live plants in the places, where only sand was before. Private companies and international organizations bring great efforts to create wonderful projects of landscape design, and improving the desert territories. For example the year of 2006 was named “The year of desert and desertification” by the UN. Summing all these facts we can observe an amazing symbiosis of interests between business and environment, since the organic matter is removing from the over volume territories – to the places, which really need it. It is clearly understood that this kind of activities bring all – to all profit, and affects positively to the surrounding world. That is why this kind of business must be developed, and supported.

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