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By Muhammad Fahim Abbas Tomatoes are essential for all type of cooking and their price is often fluctuating. It is possible to preserve tomatoes by freezing when their price is low. Frozen tomatoes are equally effective for cooking of different foods such as soups, sauces, stews etc. as they become ...

Does your kitchen have the natural remedies for Cold and Flu

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(NaturalNews)--There are no known cures for the common cold; however, your kitchen cabinets are likely stocked with many ingredients that can help relieve symptoms and speed up recovery.

Brilliant portraits on banana skins, amazing art by a Japanese artist

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The sight of bruised bananas is usually a slightly stomach-churning sight - but not the ones created by Japanese artist Daisuke Skagami.

Book teaches children healthy eating habits through entertainment

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(Freshplaza)--As an author and long term educator, Robert Orchanian relied heavily on his personal experiences when he came up with the idea for the VEDGE Kids project. The goal of the initiative, which stands for Vigorous, Educated and Good Eaters, is to instil healthy eating habits in children between the ...

Eco-Friendly Storage Options For Your Family

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By Marcela De Vivo Finding somewhere to store the piles of clothing, toys, books, art projects and more can be just as challenging as getting kids to clean up after themselves. Buying plastic bins, boxes or a new piece of furniture to house each group of items can be costly, ...

Are Solar Panels Right For Your Home?

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By Marcela De Vivo The idea of homeowners harnessing the sun’s power to do everything, from watching television to heating the water they use to bathe, has been around for years; however, more and more homeowners are thinking about it today as a way to reduce the cost of water ...

Whip up a quick Mangolicious spread

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(Hindustan times)--In the fourth of our five-part series on mangoes, we help you toss up a lavish spread with the king of fruits.

Seven money saving tips you should ignore

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( someone tells you they can help you make more money your ears are likely to prick up. Most of us can spot a shonky get-rich-quick scheme from a mile away. However, there is a lot of money advice out there that sounds sensible but can actually land you in ...

Go Green with your home

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By Sachi, Yale Door Recycling bottles, plastic and cans; buying energy efficient bulbs; and replacing plastic water bottles with filter and a reusable water bottle are a great start to a greener lifestyle and definitely keeps Mother Nature smiling. 

Healthy living: To eat or not to eat?

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By Kiran Zahra When you get up in the morning with just enough time to go for a jog before going to work, there is hardly any time to grab a bite of breakfast. Besides, your aim is to lose some weight and make the most of the calories you ...
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