5 Tips to Boost the Beauty of Your Backyard this Spring

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5 Tips to Boost the Beauty of Your Backyard this SpringImage credit: yardshare.com

The warmer months of spring are the perfect time to experience the great outdoors and nature at all its glory. Imagine being able to enjoy the beauty of fresh air, flowering plants, and sunshine in your very own backyard paradise whenever you feel the need. There’s nothing else quite like it! 

The good news is that there are plenty of options in spring backyard décor and gardening design to choose from, for any kind of lifestyle. To whip your dull backyard into shape, here are five spring gardening tips.

  • 1. Improve the shade factor. In many backyards, there’s very little shade because landscapers generally focus primarily on property facing the neighborhood. This means, the backyard gets little use or attention because it’s just an expanse of grass. This is your opportunity to select options in shade for your backyard, such as overhead canopies, a pergola, or strategically planted shade trees. Try a combination of different types of shade, and consider that the sun changes angle throughout the day so you’ll need several to cover the yard.
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  • 2. Give the yard more color. This year’s biggest trend in backyard design is using eye-popping color in garden elements. From brightly painted pots and planters to colorful glass and metal décor, your backyard will become a magical place for entertaining guests. Add flowering plants to seasonal plant beds to create layers of visual interest all-year-round. For small backyards, try container gardening with unique colorful planters in layers and hanging styles.
  • 3. Create an outdoor sitting space. One great way to get more from your backyard this spring is to treat this space as an extension of your indoor living areas. Choose a prime spot in your backyard where you can enjoy the open air with a good meal and friends. Use an outdoor furniture set with comfortable, customizable seats and adaptable pieces. Close to the rear of your house or along the side of your home is a good place to start.
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  • 4. Add patios with panache. A stone or concrete patio can be a great way to get more from your backyard, and it’s an affordable option for updating this area. Decide how large of a patio you want by measuring where you want it to be located. Pour your patio or place your stones, then add a border of plants and solar lighting around it for added interest. Create a fire pit to one side for cooking, outdoor wireless speakers for entertainment, or a fountain for the peaceful sound of water.
  • 5. Grow a sustainable backyard garden. Today’s spring gardens include more than just shrubs and flowers. Instead, many gardeners are adding vegetable plants and fruit trees among their spring plantings. This can provide an economical way to enjoy fresh produce during the warmer months to improve your health. You may even choose to install a green wall, with living plants lined up in rows on a trellis or fence.
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Get more out of your backyard this spring when you spend some time planning out a new design and use for this valuable real estate. The above spring backyard design tips can get you started. 

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