Pakistan: Cotton trading fails by late pick-up

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KARACHI: Trading activity on the cotton market failed to revive as buyers remained on the sidelines on Monday. Floor brokers said millers are eagerly waiting for new crop arrival which is expected by the end of this month from Sindh. However, there is some delay in cotton crop arrival in ...

Palestinian growers visit Israel to take attend an agriculture course

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Palestinian growers have recently gone on a 5-day course in Israel to learn how to best care for their crops after harvest. Israeli growers are among the world leaders in growing plants, and Palestinian growers are keen to learn. The course is set up by Israeli agricultural organisations in cooperation ...

'National Mushroom Festival' getting organised at QB Farms Faisalabad on Sunday (19 Jan 2014)

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A Mushroom Festival is getting organised at Qadir Bakhsh Nursery Farms Faisalabad on Sunday (19 Jan 2014). Chief organizer of the event Mr. Tariq Tanveer (Famous kitchen gardener and Horti-preneur of the country) told Hortist that it is aimed to create awareness among general public about Health/Food, cultivation and business ...

'Prettiest camel competition' held at the Pushkar Fair, in the Thar desert of India

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A competition was held at the Pushkar Fair, in the Thar desert of India this week. The gathering - during which in the region of 20,000 camels are bought and sold - attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. The camel beauty pageant, which has been held for decades, ...

Chinese wood carving breaks Guinness world record

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(Chinadaily)--A large wood carving in China featuring the famous historical painting "Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival" has been named the longest wood carving in the world by Guinness World Book of Records on Nov 14, 2013. The woodcarving is 12.286 meters long, 3.075 meters high and 2.401 meters wide, and ...

Nestlé Pakistan going to help mango farmers for yield increase

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Nestlé Pakistan announced a pilot initiative, which will support mango farmers in southern Punjab through a joint effort with the Australia-Pakistan Agriculture Sector Linkages Programme (ASLP). In the initial phase of the endeavour - titled the 'Chaunsa Project' - farmers in Multan and Khanewal will benefit from training on best ...

New potato processing plant announced in Kyrgyzstan

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  A potato processing plant will be built in the Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan. The factory will have a capacity of 10-12 tonnes per shift and will produce potato flour and starch initially, according to an announcement made by the Economy Ministry, reported by the local news agency, AKIpress.  

What’s wrong with our agricultural policies of Pakistan?

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By Syed Mohammad Ali, University of Melbourne Australia While a bulk of our populace still resides in rural areas and is directly involved in agricultural activities, Pakistan remains unable to overcome the problem of food insecurity. Agricultural production in Pakistan has admittedly faced severe challenges, including recurrent flooding over the ...

Narilatha: Flower blooming in the shape of a Naked Lady---Fake or Fact?

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By Saif Malik Yesterday while wandering on Google, I came across an image depicting a naked woman dummy or doll hanging with a tree. I thought it might be from Xochimilco (The floating gardens in Mexico) as people hang the dolls with trees there to fulfill some rituals. But its ...

Irrigation water will increase by 19 percent by 2050

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UNESCO states that water for irrigation in agriculture will increase by 19 percent by 2050, provided that the scientific advances to improve water efficiency aren't sufficient in face of the increasing world population.
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