To retrieve the gold ornament, thief is forced to eat 96 bananas in India

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To retrieve the gold ornament, Indian police forced the thief (male) to eat 96 bananas. This interesting story began when a gold necklace was theft on an Indian train. Passenger witnessed the thief swallowing the gold ornamment after not having safe escape from police. Police arrested him and later found ...

Pakistan: Sindh government will take $77m from World bank for horticulture development

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Pakistani Sindh province is will rich with crop production resources, but it's unable to turn into good money because of lack of post-harvest technonlgy and modern agricultural practices. A recent development has been made in this regard. As per the local agriculture information resources, Sindh govt is going to take ...

Greenhouse vegetables cultivation industry booms in Russia with 7% rise in 2013

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A significant rise has been observed in the Russia’s greenhouse vegetables cultivation industry in 2013. As per the Russian Federation National Bureau of Statistics, The greenhouse vegetables production has increased by 6.7% in 2013 as compared with 2012, which is the highest in the region of Ural in 2013. Vegetable ...

Organic world gets its own internet extension '.bio'

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Significance of organic produce is increasing day by day. As from 24 April 2014, it has been made possible for the organic world to have its own internet extension '.bio'. By this, organic organizations and relevant business ventures will be able make visible themselves online with own domain name extension '.bio' ...

EU to reduce vegetable transport prices

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The European Commission (EC) aims to reduce road transport costs across the European Union (EU) through the implementation of a number of measures that will improve the road transport standards applicable to the sector, the drivers and the environment. Almost a quarter of all trucks circulating on European roads are ...

Vegetable greenhouses in China making farmers rich

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Farmers of Yaha, in Kuche County of Xinjiang Province, grow rich by growing various vegetables in greenhouses, under the guidance of the town agricultural technology station. With help from the town government, the village started greenhouse vegetable cultivation back in early 2004. Each year the government provided free technical guidance. ...

Pakistan: Mango output has potential to cross 1.8 million tonnes this year

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Mango output this year may cross 1.8 million tonnes after remaining below this mark for last two years, growers and officials of provincial agriculture departments say. Officials of the Pakistani Trade Development Authority project that exports should rise to 160,000 tonnes, from 140,000 tonnes last year. Their optimism springs up ...

Poppy and marijuana crops to be replaced by potato and fruits in Guatemala

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In Guatemala, the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (MAGA), invested 30 million quetzals (3.8 dollars) to help growers in areas where poppy and marijuana cultivation are most prolific to replace them with potatoes and fruit trees. Poppy plants are the source of raw opium, from which drugs like heroin and ...

Is the lime an endangered species? New York Times asks.

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Americans are used to the elusiveness of certain scarce and seasonal gastronomical treasures like black truffles that are priced and meted out accordingly. But no one could have predicted the strange twist that threatens to turn guacamole, Key lime pie and margaritas into rare delicacies. A sudden and unprecedented shortage ...

Vegetable production increases by 20% in China (Dulan)

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Vegetable production has increased by 20% in China with the help of government support and advances in technology. Residents of Dulan County can now produce their own organic and pesticide-free vegetables. With originally only being able to produce 20% of the country’s vegetable needs, their production has gone up to 40%. ...
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