Dutch weed burger: protein bomb with a new flavour

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(Freshplaza)--Inspiring people to eat more fruits and vegetables. That is the mission of author and inspirer Lisette Kreischer, who recently published her latest book ‘Plant Power, Finding your natural weight with vegetable cuisine’. Last June she was one of the speakers at the Inspiration Day of vegetable processing company W. Heemskerk BV in Rijnsburg. "There is nothing like telling your story and inspire people."

Lisette Kreischer made the conscious choice to become a vegetarian at a very young age. “Eating animals just didn’t feel right.” However, vegetarian hamburgers from the supermarket did little to stimulate her appetite. And so began her quest. She started to reconsider what we eat every day, what the supermarket has to offer and what is in our food. One of her conclusions was that we have a very limited idea of what food can be. "We are accustomed to potatoes, vegetables and meat. But there is so much more than that. What about seeds, legumes, nuts, grains, seaweed and algae? These pack plenty of nutrients.” She sought a way to inspire more people to eat vegetables. "If I started talking about animal rights, I was pretty much ignored. But if I talked about increasing your health by eating more vegetables, people began to listen.”

And it isn’t just about health benefits. According to Kreischer, it’s also about the way we treat our planet. In this vein, Kreischer was asked to write a book about alternatives to eating fish. “Research shows that if we continue to consume the way we do now, there’ll be no more fish in the sea by the year 2020. I was asked to find a way to promote aquatic vegetables as a fun alternative. Which, of course, brings you to seaweed.”

The resulting book, ‘Non-fish-a-li-cious’, catalogues recipes that are associated with fish, but do not actually contain fish. “Seaweed is everywhere, the swirls in the sea and you can just eat it. There is nothing scary about it. It’s packed with good nutrients, including fat, protein, calcium and iron. Wherever there is water, you can build seaweed plantations. If we could somehow create a weed plantation in the Atlantic, let’s say three times the size of Portugal, we would have enough protein to feed nine billion people. I thought that was a wonderful story to bring to the public."

Kreischer took on the challenge, deciding on the hamburger as her focal point, the icon of Western capitalism. This resulted in the Dutch Weed Burger, a 100% vegetable burger enriched with seaweed. A protein bomb with a new flavour.

Source: Freshplaza.com

Published on: 09/05/2013




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