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ShowerSaver: An awesome device to “Save water, Save Money, Save Planet”

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The ShowerSaver is the first device ever created to let people know how long they have been in the shower and how many gallons of water they have used, allowing them to make the green decision every time they shower. ShowerSaver the world’s first of this type device has been ...

India lacking the cold storage facilities to store lots of Kashmiri apples

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This year's apple production of Kashmir valley has reached upto 15 lac metric tonnes but the valley still has no significant facility for cold storage, which is going to severely affect the demand and price of Kashmiri apples in the Indian national market. "Kashmir needs to add 3 lac tonnes ...

The Netherlands re-exported Spanish watermelons at the double price

, posted in Business
Data provided by the United Nation's Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness shows that The Netherlands purchased a total of 29,409 tonnes of watermelons from Spain at an average price of 0.41 Euro per kilo in 2011 (the most recent year in FAO's ...

NASA issues a solicitation for commercial space taxis

, posted in Science
(Reuters) - NASA has issued a solicitation on Tuesday  for a commercially operated space taxis to carry astronauts to the International Space Station. It may an attempt to break Russia's monopoly on crew transport by 2017 as per the experts opinion . The United States has been without a human ...

New York City law bans cigarette sales to people under 21

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(AFP) - Cigarrette sales have been banned to the people unders 21 years of age after New York City law was signed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Tuesday, the latest move in the Big Apple's war on smoking. The new law for the city of eight million, which also covers ...

'Coal can be part of global warming solution', UN climate chief says

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(Warsaw)--UN climate chief Christiana Figueres said Coal power can be part of the solution to global warming. She was talking to the delegates at the World Coal summit on Monday.  The major coal industry summit takes place as the second week of UN climate negotiations get under way in Warsaw. Christiana ...

Developing nations are equally responsible for Climate change, UN convention on climate change

, posted in Environment
(Thehindu)--A draf of decisions of Warsaw meeting brought out after two days of long drawn aruments and negotiations became a new a battleground as developing countries tried to remove any difference in the responsibility thrust upon the developing countries from that of the rich nations. Even as US, Australia and ...

Typhoon spares banana production in Phillipines

, posted in Earth
(Freshplaza)--Though the typhoon that recently hit the Philippines took a large toll on the country and its people, it largely spared a key banana-producing region. “We're quite lucky in that we were not badly hit by the last typhoon,” said Stephen Antig, executive director of the Pilipino Banana Growers and ...

Unseasonal storms hit South Africa severely

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Unseasonal storms, heavy rain, and hail and flooding hit the Western Cape in South Africa this weekend. In some areas, between 60 and 80mm of rain has fallen. The severe weather has affected thousands of people, leaving various roads closed due to flooding, mudslides and rockfalls. The areas mostly affected ...

Indian grapes hit a record on exports to EU

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India is about to set a record for exporting a record high quantity of grapes for the second consecutive year to EU as Indian crops are in good demand in Europe and Russia. This is a cause of concern for Indian exporters, as the record shipments last year had led ...
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