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WTO names GCC as world's biggest importer of food

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Dubai: More than 90 per cent of the Gulf region's food is imported, according to officials. This has left the region's 36 million people at the mercy of global price shocks. According to the World Trade Organisation, the GCC is the biggest importer of food in the world with more ...

Time to register for America in Bloom

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The deadline to register for this year’s America in Bloom community beautification contest is Feb. 28. Seventeen communities have already registered for this year’s contest.

Heavy snows taking toll on greenhouses, crops

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The heavy snows which are blanketing much of the eastern half of the country are taking their toll on greenhouse structures. Growers are reporting damage caused by the weight of the heavy snows, including damage to the glazing and structural supports.

NASA to study seeds in space to understand plant growth

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NASA scientists hope to better understand exactly how and why plants grow differently in space in an experiment named, Tropi. Future astronauts may be able to grow plants as part of life support systems on long-duration space missions to the moon or Mars.

Pakistan offers agri products to Maldives

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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Saturday offered all-out support to the government of Maldives in their agriculture development and capacity-building and would offer their student agriculture-related short courses and other programmes. 

Scholarship and Job offers

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Hortist aims to provide the scholarships and job opportunities to the Horticulture professionals of Pakistan. Please keep on visiting regularly if you are hunting for a breathtaking career opportunity around the globe. Further, if you are an organization/entrepreneur looking for horticulture professionals to get your business ahead, please contact ...
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