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Kazakhstan going to reduce its Fruit & veg imports by 80% to stimulate domestic production

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"Kazakhstan intends to reduce the volume of imported food products from other countries by 2020," - said the Minister of Agriculture Asylzhan Mamytbekov. According to him, it should stimulate the production and sale of processed agricultural products by domestic enterprises with the subsequent export of them. For example, fruit and ...

Pakistan’s finest: The scrumptious strawberries of Swat valley

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As the strawberry season winds up with vendors replacing the bright red fruit on their pushcarts with various summer specials, the farmers of Swat are content with how their produce fared this spring.Residents of the scenic valley generate most of their income from tourism and agriculture, with hundreds of orchards ...

Palestinian growers visit Israel to take attend an agriculture course

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Palestinian growers have recently gone on a 5-day course in Israel to learn how to best care for their crops after harvest. Israeli growers are among the world leaders in growing plants, and Palestinian growers are keen to learn. The course is set up by Israeli agricultural organisations in cooperation ...

Russia produced 615 thousand tons of greenhouse vegetables in 2013

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As per official website of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, the country produced approx. 615 thousand tons of greenhouse vegetables in 2013. It is a 6.5% increase compared to 2012, when volume of greenhouse vegetables production amounted to approx. 577 thousand tons. According to the association "Greenhouses ...

Organic food sector growing in Tunisia

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The agri-food sector is important in Tunisia. It represents 3% of national GDP, counts over 4,800 companies and employs over 73,000 people. Tunisia is Africa's second largest exporter of agriculturally farmed produce and the 24th in the world in terms of value.  They aim to bring investments up to 585 ...

Mango export to EU: Pakistan increases traceability (Mangoes are traced back to farms or even trees)

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Though officials believe that the issue of tracing the origin of the fruit will cause a dip in mango exports in the short term, it is acceptable compared to a ban on export to high-value markets. In the new mechanism, end-users can trace the farm supplying the fruit which will ...

To retrieve the gold ornament, thief is forced to eat 96 bananas in India

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To retrieve the gold ornament, Indian police forced the thief (male) to eat 96 bananas. This interesting story began when a gold necklace was theft on an Indian train. Passenger witnessed the thief swallowing the gold ornamment after not having safe escape from police. Police arrested him and later found ...

Australian organic export growth on risk because coexistance with GMO

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Australian organic export growth is on risk because of its strugle for coexistance with GMO. A landmark GMO contamination ruling in Australia could usher in lower organic farming standards, stripping the country of its premier status and threatening organic exports in an industry set to double in size by 2018. ...

Holland comes fourth in the list of mango exporters, astonishing but true

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In a recent report on mango export published on Fresh plaza, it has been revealed that Holland plays a significant role in the global trade in context of mango import and export business. As Holland is the second largest importer of mangos globally. But almost 80% is re-exported. Holland comes ...

Jobs in UAE: Agriculture engineers (02) & Pest control supervisor (01)

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If you are agriculture professional and are looking for focus of your job search is agriculture jobs now a days. Then Hortist is pleased to present some job vacancies in UAE to give your job search a meaningful end. Please find below the jobs in UAE recently advertised in Gulf ...
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