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Garden talk: Not a drop to drink

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By Zahra Nasir The heat is well and truly on and gardens, as always at this time of year, are crying out for water but — so are people — so what does one do? If you have planned ahead and planted with water conservation in mind, then you are ...

Who will drink the water extracted from cow MANURE? Researchers reveal the technology to help Drought hit areas

, posted in Environment
  Researchers at Michigan State University developed a technology for extracting drinkable water from cow manure to help alleviate the growing issue of drought. It is on its way to commercial application this year, they told. The system by which this is done is known as The McLanahan Nutrient Separation ...

Pakistan: Sindh government will take $77m from World bank for horticulture development

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Pakistani Sindh province is will rich with crop production resources, but it's unable to turn into good money because of lack of post-harvest technonlgy and modern agricultural practices. A recent development has been made in this regard. As per the local agriculture information resources, Sindh govt is going to take ...

Water saving: Growing lettuce with vapours

, posted in Technology
  A start-up company in France, named Combagroup, has been growing lettuce and chicory for the last 4 months with vapours. It has been done by the help of a robot, which diffuses a fog of nutrients that the salad needs to grow (nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus etc.) directly onto the ...

Mango export: Kiwi delegation visits India

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  A Kiwi delegation visited India last week to inspect irradiation facilities in Maharashtra is expected to boost mango exports to the country. Senior officials of the Agricultural Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (Apeda), who accompanied the delegation, said exports to NZ could increase by 60% this year. “The ...

"Flowers of Flanders", on public display in UK as a tribute to those who died in World War One.

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"Flowers of Flanders", the wild flowers are on public display in Guernsey for the first time, as a tribute to those who died in World War One. "Flowers of Flanders", unveiled by the island's Governor Sir Peter Walker, includes birdsfoot trefoil, germander speedwell and the famous red poppies - Papaver ...

Climate change is sucking nutrition from our crops, Research reveals

, posted in Earth
According to research by Israeli scientists published in Nature this month, reveal that Crops that provide a large share of the global population with most of their dietary zinc and iron will have significantly reduced concentrations of those nutrients at the elevated levels of atmospheric CO2 anticipated by around 2050. ...

Greenhouse vegetables cultivation industry booms in Russia with 7% rise in 2013

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A significant rise has been observed in the Russia’s greenhouse vegetables cultivation industry in 2013. As per the Russian Federation National Bureau of Statistics, The greenhouse vegetables production has increased by 6.7% in 2013 as compared with 2012, which is the highest in the region of Ural in 2013. Vegetable ...

Organic world gets its own internet extension '.bio'

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Significance of organic produce is increasing day by day. As from 24 April 2014, it has been made possible for the organic world to have its own internet extension '.bio'. By this, organic organizations and relevant business ventures will be able make visible themselves online with own domain name extension '.bio' ...

EU to reduce vegetable transport prices

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The European Commission (EC) aims to reduce road transport costs across the European Union (EU) through the implementation of a number of measures that will improve the road transport standards applicable to the sector, the drivers and the environment. Almost a quarter of all trucks circulating on European roads are ...
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