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Pakistan evolves multi-pronged vegetable enhancement plan

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A three-year multi-pronged ‘Vegetable Enhancement’ plan costing Rs. 410.87 has been evolved by Punjab Agriculture Department of Pakistan. APP reoprted that the proposed plan would be carried out in 18 districts of the province including Sialkot. The basic concept of the programme is to enhance the year round supply of essential ...

Climate change alert: Stonefruit trees blossom early in Italy

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As reported by Freshplaza, stonefruit trees blossom early in Italy giving a vibrant alert of Climate change. Giuseppe Di Liberto, chairman of Fruttapiù PO, told, "After a sudden increase in temperatures in February, which led to early blossoming, it now seems that we have gone back to a more wintry ...

Indian government allows private companies to export onions

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  Indian government has allowed private companies on 14 march 2014 to export onions because of improvment in domest supplies abd crash in wholesale prices. Before this decision, only government/state-owned agencies like STC, PEC and MMTC were allowed to export onions. “Export of onion has been made free,” Directorate General of ...

Greenhouse horticulture booms in Kazakhstan

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By a recent report, Greenhouse horticulture business is booming in Kazakhstan. Eighty-seven percent of all greenhouses in Kazakhstan have been built in the South Kazakhstan Region. In 2013 the area under the region’s greenhouses increased to 720 hectares. South Kazakhstan also gathered a record high vegetable harvest of more than ...

Making a Rooftop garden in dry lands of Arabia

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By Muhammed Nawas Asghar, Saud consultant group Riyadh, KSA In dry lands of Arabia, higher temperature (more than 50 degree celsius in summer) and water shortage are the core issues to deal with in context of gardening. Still, people want to see their properties covered with beautiful gardens especially the ...

Arctic Harvester: Icebergs likely to become fruit and vegetable greenhouses by generating Clean energy from Fresh water

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Icebergs are likely to become fruit and vegetable greenhouses by generating Clean energy from Fresh water by a project named as "Arctic Harvester" proposed by a group of French architecture students. The project has been proposed for generating energy from the fresh water melting from icebergs and use it to grow ...

Sheikhs of Dubai like German Vegetables

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 In Dubai, the land of the sheikhs, vegetables from the German region of Twistringen are highly wanted. The company 'Gemüse Meyer' delivers frozen ingredients for the dish 'Leipziger Allerlei,' deep frozen vegetable mix and more to Dubai, said company spokesman Dominik Willkommen. The company from middle class entrepreneur Laurenz Meyer ...

Afghanistan may be self-sufficient in potatoes with proper storage facilities

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If proper cultivation and storage facilities are introduced in Afghanistan, it may self-sufficient in Potato production. An official said Tuesday. An official from Provincial agriculture department of Central Bamyan province said more than 1,400 storages had been built throughout the province which had the storage capacity of 25 percent of total ...

Farmers use drones in France for various agricultural operations

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Use of drones by Farmers in France is increasing day by day, as more and more farmers seem interested in using Drones to fulfil various agricultural operations. Thanks to a startup company, farmers are starting to use drones to dose manure and maintain watering levels, whilst scientists are getting help ...

EcoMow: The Robotic lawnmower that fuels itself with the Grass clippings

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As the name shows, EcoMow is a self-fueled, self-navigating and self-powered robotic lawn mower which runs on nothing but the grass clippings. It harvests the grass clippings from the yard and uses the grassy biomass as fuel and turns remaining unusable biomass into dried pallets which may further be used ...
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