To retrieve the gold ornament, Indian police forced the thief (male) to eat 96 bananas. This interesting story began when a gold necklace was theft on an Indian train. Passenger witnessed the thief swallowing the gold ornamment after not having safe escape from police. Police arrested him and later found the evidence by an x-ray in the suspect’s stomach.

It did not end here. Instead of waiting for the digestive system to run its natural course, police (with the permission of the court) forced the thief to speed up matters by eating no less than 96 bananas. The next day, the gold ornament was retrieved.

Indian officials declined to comment on the question of the suspect’s health as a result of the meal. Eating such a large quantity of bananas may, however, be fatal. Side effects can cause headaches, nerve damage and hyperkalemia, a condition that can lead to cardiac arrhythmias and cardiac arrest.

So inspite of their thousands of benefits, Banans may be quite punishing as well as harmful depending on the situation and location.


Published on: 6/2/2014

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A biochip that could detect several viruses in bananas and potatoes has been developed in Taiwan, it was reported Wednesday.

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