By Mohammed Rashid Afzal
Origin: Native to southern Asia from Pakistan east to Cambodia, and widely cultivated in other tropical countries
Description: Phalsa is an exotic bush  and usually 10 to 15 feet tall . It sheds leaves during winter goes into dormancy for short duration. The wood is strong and elastic. 

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Wednesday, 02 March 2011 15:16

The flowers that drove men to murder

By Christopher Middleton 7:00 23 Feb 2011

The orchid exhibition at Kew reveals the obsessive world of exotic plant collectors, says Christopher Middleton.

You can’t really approve of how the bee orchid behaves, but it’s hard not to feel a certain grudging admiration. Like many other members of its species – the majority, in fact – Ophrys apifera relies on a mixture of low cunning and shameless deceit to ensure its survival.

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Wednesday, 22 September 2010 01:41

15 fruits you've probably never heard of

(MNN)--A stroll through the produce aisle in a modern supermarket may give the impression that you've got a wide variety of choice in the fruit that you eat, but in reality that's only a small sampling of Mother Nature's true bounty. The world is full of bizarre and exotic treats you've probably never heard of before. Live a little, travel, and try something different. Apples and oranges will look pretty ordinary after you take a look at these wild and delicious fruits.

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Recent years have seen an unusual rise in the number of bees about in the cold winter months, and scientists are now beginning to find out why.

While most bees are hibernating, the buff-tailed bumblebee, Bombus terrestris, is out taking advantage of exotic winter-flowering plants in our gardens and parks, according to scientists from Queen Mary, University of London.


The study, published in the journal PLoS ONE, suggests this unique species raises an extra generation of workers to collect nectar from such plants as strawberry trees and holly-like Mahonia, which flower during the colder months.

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