Ford and Heinz going to make cars with tomato skins

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World famous Ford cars are about to get a new fate in terms of their manufacturing. As Heinz and Ford are exploring the idea of using tomato skins, a by-product in ketchup production, to make cars.   The concept is surprising, but Ford could make use of the by-product.  They ...

Water saving: Growing lettuce with vapours

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  A start-up company in France, named Combagroup, has been growing lettuce and chicory for the last 4 months with vapours. It has been done by the help of a robot, which diffuses a fog of nutrients that the salad needs to grow (nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus etc.) directly onto the ...

Farmers use drones in France for various agricultural operations

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Use of drones by Farmers in France is increasing day by day, as more and more farmers seem interested in using Drones to fulfil various agricultural operations. Thanks to a startup company, farmers are starting to use drones to dose manure and maintain watering levels, whilst scientists are getting help ...

EcoMow: The Robotic lawnmower that fuels itself with the Grass clippings

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As the name shows, EcoMow is a self-fueled, self-navigating and self-powered robotic lawn mower which runs on nothing but the grass clippings. It harvests the grass clippings from the yard and uses the grassy biomass as fuel and turns remaining unusable biomass into dried pallets which may further be used ...

ShowerSaver: An awesome device to “Save water, Save Money, Save Planet”

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The ShowerSaver is the first device ever created to let people know how long they have been in the shower and how many gallons of water they have used, allowing them to make the green decision every time they shower. ShowerSaver the world’s first of this type device has been ...

Taiwan develops a biochip to test biochip in bananas & potatoes

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A biochip that could detect several viruses in bananas and potatoes has been developed in Taiwan, it was reported Wednesday.

Laying Astro Turf on Game fields of Arabia

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By Muhammed Nawaz Asghar, Saud consultant group Riyadh, KSA AstroTurf is a short-pile synthetic or artificial turf. It has a long history to get laid down on game fields to avoid the cost of laying natural turf, especially indoors.People in Arabian region like to watch and play football very much. ...

Coco coir: An ideal substrate to propagate citrus trees in Greenhouse

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(Freshplaza)--Citrus tree propagation in a cocopeat hydroponic growing system emerged from the idea to get a plant that does not suffer stress in the transplant from the nursery to the field. "Today this practice is being implemented by more citrus nurseries in The USA," said Uri Roudman from Pelemix. "The ...

Dutch farmers generate electricity from Greenhouses

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By Saif Malik Dutch greenhouses provide about 10 percent of the country’s power. While studying at Wageningen University The Netherlands in 2007-08, I got opportunity to visit Dutch greenhouses during various study tours, field trips and practical trainings. Being a resident of a developing country (Pakistan), I found many things ...

3D Food printing: NASA to build 3D printer to make pizza from insects and algae

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(Dailymail)--The kitchen of the future could see all our fancy devices – even refrigerators and ovens - replaced by a 3D printer which will create meals from cartridges full of carbohydrates, protein powders and oils.   
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