Making a Rooftop garden in dry lands of Arabia

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By Muhammed Nawas Asghar, Saud consultant group Riyadh, KSA

In dry lands of Arabia, higher temperature (more than 50 degree celsius in summer) and water shortage are the core issues to deal with in context of gardening. Still, people want to see their properties covered with beautiful gardens especially the rooftops and terraces. In aforementioned intense conditions, xeriscaping/Rock gardening the only way to design gardens/rooftop gardens with cactus and other succulent plants along with stones and crust with boulders in different colour conbination. 

Here in Saudi Arabia, stones of different size and colours are available to serve the purpose. So, Rock gardening on rooftops in dry lands of Arabia is really a great idea to go ahead with. In this way, one will not only serve the environment, but also create a beautiful garden of one's own. However, a good drainage system and a proper waterproofing system are of prime importance while going with Rooftop garden. As you may not like rainwater/irrigation water leakages to destroy any part of your property.

Find below the slideshow/pictorial detail of how to make this kind of Rooftop garden in dry lands of Arbia.

Rooftop site befor gardening:

 Placing and fixing green plastic for different shape and edging:

After edging with green plastic, placing gravel and white crust:

For different colour stones, making differnt edging shapes:

To implement this idea practically, first of all, check whether your rooftop can hold a garden. You must also make sure that there is a proper slope and drainage system installed on the roof as your garden would require good water drainage. Succulant plants are added as the accents and potted in containers and they cannot hold any excess amount of water, so the excess water must be drained. Second thing to care about is water proofing. There are three waterproofing design elements that are essential to the success of the system: 1. Support of added weight to the building. There has to be an inherent compatibility of the rooftop garden and the structure. 2. Integrity of the waterproofing membrane and drinage system. 3. Location and size of the roof drains.

Further, material wise nothing special. Succulant plants with any good combination of crust stones and boulders may be used.

This project has been accomplished in Riyadh KSA in house of Dr.Tariq Swaf (Owner of Saud consult group).

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